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Further Information & F.A.Q.s

What brands of make-up do you use?

My kit is full of premium-branded make-up and skin care. Although I am a Mac Pro member and hold professional accounts with many other brands, I'm not affiliated with any company; all of the cosmetics I use are ones that I have researched, tried and tested and I know are going to last all day, look amazing and photograph beautifully. Nars, Mac, Chanel, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Inglot, Dior, Smashbox and Estee Lauder are just some of the brands I stock in my kit.

Who needs to have a make-up trial?

Make-up trials are optional for bridesmaids and mums but as a bride it's really important to have a wedding make-up trial before the big day. Trials are an opportunity for us to have a chat about the colour scheme and feel/theme of your wedding, the kind of make-up you feel comfortable wearing and what you've got in mind for your wedding day make-up. It's also a chance for us to try a few different looks so, when it comes to your wedding day, you can just sit back and enjoy the experience of being pampered, knowing that your make-up will be exactly what you want it to be.

When should I have my trial?

Ideally trials are best done around 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. By that point you will probably have the other details of your wedding arranged so will know exactly what your colour scheme is, have chosen your dress, possibly have had your hair trial and will hopefully have a clearer idea of what you'd like your make-up to look like. 

However, if you would like to have a trial before you pay a deposit, it is better to have one sooner rather than later as wedding dates are only secured once a deposit has been paid.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

Booking can be done in one of two ways, both of which are explained below. Either way is absolutely fine, it completely depends on which you'd prefer to do! 

Please be aware that booking in for a trial does not reserve your wedding date. I can only secure dates for my customers once a deposit has been paid; the deposit I ask for is £50 which is then deducted from the bride's 'on the day' price. Deposits are non-refundable.

Deposit is Paid First: the majority of my customers like to pay their £50 deposit to secure their date, then have their trials nearer to their wedding. As well as reserving your date, this is also the most cost-effective way of booking as I offer a bridal package for ladies who secure their date in advance. If you choose to pay your deposit first it's usually a good idea to have your trial around 4 weeks before your wedding day.

Trial First: other ladies prefer to have their trials first and pay their deposit afterwards. If you decide to use this option, it's best to have your trial sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment as I often get several enquiries for the same wedding date, particularly in the Summer months. 

How long will it take to do our make-up on the wedding day?

This varies somewhat depending on what each person is having done but it usually takes around an hour for the bride and 45 mins each for everyone else. Once you have confirmed the number of people wanting their make-up done we can discuss timings. I'll send you a make-up schedule to check before the wedding day so you're happy with and informed of exactly what's going to happen and can then arrange times with your hairdresser too.

How long will my make-up last on my wedding day?

I use professional-quality make-up and primers, all applied in thin layers, ensuring your make-up will last right through to the evening! It is worth having a powder or blotting paper to use throughout the day to keep any shine at bay and you will need to top-up your lipstick. I discuss these things in depth with my customers at their trials and recommend products then but the make-up I use is designed and applied to last as long as possible.

Do you offer airbrush make-up?

Yes, I do do airbrush make-up and this can be added to any make-up service for a small additional cost. 

What is the difference between airbrush make-up and traditional make-up?

Airbrush make-up is sprayed through an airbrush gun using a compressor and is applied to the face in tiny dropletsBecause it is applied in a fine mist it feels incredibly light-weight on your skin and these tiny droplets mimic the pixels of a camera which means that airbrush make-up photographs very well. 

The airbrush make-up I use is silicone-based which also means that it's incredibly long lasting and very water-resistant. It is a luxury service that can be added on to your make-up trial or make-up on your wedding day for an additional cost.

However, I do not recommend airbrush make-up for all of my clients; I find it works best on ladies who have fairly clear skin and who prefer a natural-medium coverage. If you're a full-coverage girl or have problematic skin, this probably isn't for you. Silicone-based make-up also leaves a dewy finish so it's great for girls with dry skin but if you prefer a more matte look this may not be your cup of tea either. 

If you're considering airbrush make-up for your wedding day the best thing to do is to have a chat with me prior to your trial. If we then think airbrush make-up may work for you we can then test it on you at your trial. If you had your heart set on airbrush but after discussing it we think another type of base would better suit your skin then please don't worry; traditional make-up if applied correctly to properly prepped skin looks beautiful, photographs brilliantly and lasts a long time too. I love both traditional and airbrush methods of application and regularly use both on my brides so it's just a matter of working out which would suit you as an individual and give you the best result.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Barclays Pingit. Once you've decided to book, I will send you an invoice which details all of my payment methods and a breakdown of costs.

Are there any additional travel costs or expenses?

Wedding prices include travel of up to 15 miles of CV11 4RS, other make-up service include travel up to 10 miles. Distances over this are charged at 40p per additional mile. 

Please note that travel charges apply both to and from your venue, on the day of your trial and also on your wedding day. If your home is not in the area I cover with travel and included and you'd like to come to me on the day of your trial you are more than welcome to. 

If parking charges apply at your chosen venue, please inform me of this prior to your booking. These will also be billed to the customer.

What areas do you cover?

I am booked for weddings across the UK and am more than happy to travel but I am predominantly based in the Midlands and the following are areas in which I work regularly:

Warwickshire: Nuneaton, Rugby,Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Leamington, Tamworth, Polesworth, Atherstone, Kenilworth, Evesham and surrounding areas.

West Midlands: Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Coventry, Solihull and surrounding areas.

Leicestershire: Leicester, Hinckley and surrounding areas.

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